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Healt Resort Horyniec Ltd.

Invites to its newly built modern facilities (buildings). Sanatoriums  „Dom Zdrojowy”, „Jawor” and „Modrzew” offer our guests rooms with private bathrooms.

A canteen in „Dom Zdrojowy” serwes delicious meals.

You can relax and have a rest thanks to:

*  walking grounds,
*  a cafe and a club,
*  rich cultural, tourist and entertainment programme.

Medical facilities which belong to Health Resort Horyniec” Ltd., namely Natural Medicine Institute and „Dom Zdrojowy” are fully adapted for the disabled.

We guarantee attractive prices.

For more details call: (+48 166313088)

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Healt Resort Horyniec Ltd.

Healt Resort Horyniec Ltd.

Has  at its disposal modern therapeutic facilities, adapted for the disabled which are located in a newly built Natural Medicine Institute.

Undeniable effects are achieved due to the fact that we make use of our own, high quality natural treatment resources:

* peloid

* sulphide and hydrogen sulphide healingwater.

We offer:

* peloid therapies,

* sulphide and hydrogen sulphide baths,

carbonik acid baths,

* whirl baths for legs and hands,

* underwater massages,

* Scottish whiplashes,

* classical and vibratory massages ( Aqoavibron ),

* electrotherapy,

* therapeutic exercises,

* paraffin compresses,

* inhalations.

We reccomend:

* water therapies, which is  effictive in treatment of intestinal and metabolic diseases and respiratory tract infections, using the following kinds of water: and hydrogen sulphide healing water from intakes Róża III and Róża IV ,

Horyniec-Zdrój and its surroundings

Staying in Horyniec gives you possibility of not only successful treatment and rest, but also of visiting the following tourist attractions:

*  the Princes Poninski’s Palace, which was created as a result of enlargement of the 17th century castle belonging to King John III Sobieski,

*  free-standing manor theatre  from 1848,

*  the Franciscan monastery and the 18thcentury church,

*  the 16th century Orthodox Church Complex in Radruż, zero category monument,

Walking and coach tours will allow you to visit:

*  forest chapel in Nowiny, built in a place of revelations, in the neighbourhood of springs to which healing properties are attributed,

*  unique juniper reserve „Sołokija” in Dziewięcierz,?Brother Albert’s hermitage,

*  Temple of the Sun – a rock monolith, in the past of cult importance.

We invite to Horyniec – Zdrój

„Health Resort Horyniec” Ltd. guarantees interesting excursions:

*  Lviv sightseeing (for example visiting the Young Eagles Cemetery),

*  Łańcut sightseeing (the Łańcut Castle, last owned by the Potocki family, with the largest),

*  couch  house in the country,

*  Zamość sightseeing (the Old Town, Collegiate church and Rotunda),

*  Przemyśl and Castle in Krasiczyn sightseeing

„Uzdrowisko-Horyniec” Sp. z o.o.

„Health Resort Horyniec” Ltd.

37-620 Horyniec – Zdrój

Sanatoryjna Street 3

phone: + 48 16/631-30-88

fax: +4816/631-33-55

e-mail: biuro@uzdrowisko-horyniec.com.pl


bank account no: Bank PEKAO S.A. I/O Lubaczów

Nr 51124025841111000039445319

Horyniec – Zdrój

Horyniec-Zdrój has a rich tradition of spa treatment, going back to the late 19th century.

Because of a good climate, great natural treatment resources and location, the first Natural Medicine Institute  was built here very early, by Prince Alexander Poninski, the owner of Horyniec estates. In the Interwar period Horyniec-Zdrój was a popular health resort, with new baths, an indoor promenade, a spa park, tennis courts and well-equipped accommodation places in over 30 boarding houses. Devastated during the World War II, the spa has been rebuilt all year round, it serves Polish and foreign guests.  We invite you to come and make use of our treatment and spa&relax facilities.

We invites you warmly to visit our health resort, enjoy our spa treatment based on natural

Treatment resources and to have great rest.

In Horyniec Zdrój we cure successfully:

* rheumatic diseases and motor system disorders.

Horyniec – Zdrój is a picturesque, peaceful health resort in Podkarpackie Voivodeship, situated at the foot of Roztocze, 260 m above sea level. It is an ideal place for people who want to escape from hustle and bustle of city life and smog.

Lowland climate, weakly and mildly stimulating, together with heavy forestation provide very good conditions for spa treatment.


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